Memorials and Honorariums

AnimalWorks also welcomes monetary donations given “in honor” or “in memory” of a person or pet.
You can give a gift in special recognition of a person, family pet, event or occasion and honor them by helping the homeless animals and animals in need from our community.
When we receive your memorial or honorarium, we will send you a gift acknowledgement and send the person you designate a letter notifying them that a donation has been made in their honor.
For memorial gifts, we will send the letter to any family member or loved one you choose.

“Adoption Partner” Program
This program allows animal-lovers to help an adoptable animal.
When you become an “Adoption Partner”, your $50.00 donation offsets the adoption fee of an adoptable animal at our shelter. Our staff will choose the animal, most in need, based on how long they have been available for adoption.  This program also encourages potential adopters to look at animals who may be overlooked, due to color, size or breed.
The “Adoption Partner” program is a thoughtful gift idea. Sponsorships can be made in honor of someone special or in memory of a favorite pet.