After-Care Instructions

We appreciate your decision to have your pet spayed or neutered.  Your decision helps reduce pet overpopulation and helps your pet live a healthier life! 
Here are some general post-op instructions to help your pet recover and heal after surgery:

  • We recommend that you keep your pet indoors so you will be able to monitor their recovery. 

  • Spaying and neutering involve general anesthesia and, just like with humans, some animals recover from the surgery more quickly than others.   Your pet may be groggy after you take them home, so we recommend that you keep your pet isolated so they will not get hurt.  This includes keeping them away from stairs or pools.

  • Give small amounts of water at first, only after your pet is fully awake.  Give adult animals a small amount of food only after they hold down their water.  Puppies and kittens under 16 weeks should be fed a small amount of food after they are fully awake (able to stand and walk).  Don’t worry if your pet isn’t very hungry at first; it may take a day or so for its appetite to come back fully.  Don’t give your pet table scraps or other “people food” during this recovery period.

  • Don’t give your pet such human medications as aspirin, Tylenol or Advil. These could be dangerous for your pet.

  • Have your pet take it easy for the next 7-10 days. This includes no running or jumping!

  • Keep your pet indoors as much as possible during this time.  Dogs should be walked on a leash when they need to go outside.

  • Check your pet’s incision daily to make sure it’s healing well.  Keep the incision site clean and dry for 14 days (no swimming and no baths).  Some redness, swelling, slight bruising, or a small knot-like swelling at the site are normal and should subside without any problem. Clear seepage at the site for the first 24 hours is also normal.  Bleeding or a pus-like discharge is not normal.  If you see this call the clinic to make an appointment to have the veterinarian check the incision.  There is no charge for incision rechecks, however, you will be responsible for prescriptions, if needed.

  • Your pets stitches are internal and do not require removal.  Make sure your pet doesn’t chew or lick at the incision. This could lead to complications in healing.  If chewing or licking persists, you can purchase an “E-collar” from your veterinarian, a pet store or us.

  • If your pet was in heat or pregnant at the time of surgery, it is very important that you keep her away from intact males.  She still may be attractive to males and could be seriously injured if she is bred following surgery.

  • If there are any difficulties or concerns that are directly related to the surgery during the recovery time, or if your pet seems lethargic (tired, laying around), or does not eat normally within 48 hours, please call the numbers listed below:

AnimalWorks (8am-6pm) 865-379-2227
For after hours emergency care:
Midland Pet Emergency 865-982-1007
Knoxville Pet Emergency Clinic 865-637-0114